Anniversary Weekend!

I can not believe it will be our 1 year anniversary on Sunday.
Time has FLOWN by this year.

I remember how excited I was to marry Bill. I wanted everything about the day to be perfect.
It's safe to say that I became wedding planning obsessed for about 9 months prior to our wedding!
Luckily, all the hard work (and $$) paid off! Our wedding day was THE best day of my life. 
We had all our close friends and family present when we vowed to love each other for eternity.
How awesome is that? Oh, and there was great food, music, drinks, pretty dresses, sparkly decor, red and pink roses, lots of dancing and celebrity sightings of Elvis and Brutus Buckeye!

I mean, what else would a bride want on her wedding day?

The theme of the night was Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After.

The past year has been nothing but!

I love you Bill with all my heart and you continue to amaze me everyday!


Here's the music video of our wedding day for your entertainment. I could watch it a million times!
It really captures the excitement of the day and our personalities.

Lindsay and Bill from Jared Williamson on Vimeo.

You can view all my wedding recap posts here.

Tonight we will celebrate with a fancy dinner date at M at Miranova. The restaurant is one of the best in Columbus and it is in the same building where we had our reception (and the same catering company). 

Since year #1 gift is paper, we decided to write each other love letters as our gifts to each other :)
I am more excited about this gift than any thing else I could possibly receive!
Oh, well... Besides our son being born in a few weeks!

I can not wait to start a family with this man!!

Happy Weekend, Loves!


  1. I am tearing up watching this! Clearly I am pregnant! :) You were a stunning bride! What a fun day it looks like you had.
    ~Marina Gooding

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope y'all have the best time!!

  3. I love your wedding video! Soo cute enjoy your anniversary with your hubby!

  4. Love love love! Happy Anniversary you two!! Hope you have the best weekend celebrating!

  5. aww so sweet! i hope you had a great anniversary weekend! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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