Weekend Recap

We had a fantastic anniversary weekend!

Friday night we had dinner at M at Miranova. It is one of the best restaurants in town and it happens to be in the same building where we had our wedding reception

sweater dress - Old Navy (similar) | boots - Target | blanket scarf - ebay (similar)

You can hardly see the bump in the photo above, but trust me... It's there!!
The blanket scarf is just covering it up!

They knew it was our anniversary, so they gave us an intimate table near the back of the restaurant. The waiter made me a delicious "mocktail" that kind of tasted like a grape spritzer. 

I had the fillet "steak in a bowl" with blue cheese potatoes. Bill ordered the NY strip steak and we shared the lobster mashed potatoes. Everything was delicious!

They even gave us a complimentary anniversary dessert! 
We chose the caramel apple pie... It was so good!

We decided to write each other love letters for our gifts to each other (1st year gift is paper). The note Bill wrote me is something I will cherish forever. I am thinking about adopting this as a tradition every year!

Saturday was spent shopping with my mom at Destination Maternity for some nursing items. I got a nursing bra, tank and night gown. She also got me a very comfy, fuzzy robe for an early birthday present. It is soooo soft and will be perfect for winter baby snuggles :)

Saturday night we went to my friend's house to watch the OSU game. They had an awesome spread of food complete with BBQ pork, mac & cheese, lots of dips and homemade buckeyes! I was in pregger heaven! We left at half time and of course, as soon as we leave the Bucks start to play better and ended up winning. It was looking a little rough in the beginning!

Sunday, we had a lovely birthday brunch over at my parents house. My birthday is on Tuesday (11-11!) and they wanted to celebrate our anniversary as well. 

Brunch was delicious and topped off with a birthday sprinkles pancake! 
My parents gave us a few gifts that were left on our wedding registry. I had no idea they were still active! But, it was a nice surprise!

The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch napping, eating and watching Netflix. 
I had all the intentions to clean our house, but my energy levels were depleted!

I'm excited for the week ahead! My birthday is tomorrow and Bill has something planned up his sleeve? He's being sneaky... 

How was your weekend?

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  1. ahh so much good food! i love the dress you wore for your anniversary dinner! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. What a delicious anniversary meal!! How fun is your birthday brunch spread? What is wrapped in bacon there?

  3. What a wonderful weekend!! I love that you both wrote love letters to one another - that is so special!! can't wait to see what Bill has planned for your birthday!! xo

  4. Sounds like the best weekend!! You look so cute in your dress & scarf!! Happy Early Birthday!!!

  5. You guys look so cute sitting at dinner - congrats on your first year!!!

  6. You had some good eating this weekend! Steak in a bowl sounds delicious! Happy 1 year!

  7. Looks like you had lots of yummy food this weekend, the OSU game was a little scary to watch but thankful they won, my husband was very happy :) Hope you have a good week!

  8. Can we just talk about how freaking cute you looked for your anniversary dinner?! Love the sweater dress and the boots and the blanket scarf... it's all perfect! And that brunch?! YUM!

    <3, Pamela

  9. What a wondeful weekend!!! If only OSU didn't beat my beloved alma mater... ;)

    And by the way, you are the most gorgeous pregnant lady ever!! You are glowing in your pictures!

  10. Lobster mashed potatoes?!? My mouth is watering just thinking about those!! Sooo glad you guys had a great weekend and fun night celebrating -- cheers to many more years! :)

  11. Your romantic dinner looks and sounds delish, loving your outfit too! Great weekend :)

  12. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Happy anniversary! I love the love letter idea- so sweet


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