Friday Five + Shopbop Sale Picks

Hi friends! Happy Friday! I thought I'd bring back the old Friday Five posts and share with you 5 things I am loving from this week. I also wanted to share my picks from the Shopbop sale (which ends tonight!) that I'm sure you've heard about at this point if you follow other fashion/style bloggers. For now, let's get right into my five things from this week:

1. So, I finally set up a Poshmark account/closet and I'm having so much fun posting some of my gently used (and some hardly worn) items from my closet. I actually made a handful of sales already! It's so easy because they email you the postage label, so you just pack up your items (I use old boxes from online shopping/amazon etc) and take it to your nearest post office drop off spot and you're done! Poshmark collects money from the buyer and you can easily deposit it into your bank account or use it as credit to shop on their app/site. And no, this is totally not sponsored, I just really love using it! (If you are on Poshmark, find my closet: @lindsllstyling)

2. I've been working on adding more protein to my diet and tracking my macros as a part of the fitness and diet plan that Abby from Mom With Muscles Blog made up for me. Since I've been tracking my carbs, fats and protein everyday, I'm realizing how hard it is to hit my protein goal for the day (I have no problem with the carbs and fats, go figure). So, I've been searching on Pinterest for easy, healthy, protein packed recipes and I came across this turkey stuffed peppers recipe and decided to tweak it a bit. Instead of brown rice, I used quinoa (extra protein!) and subbed the tomato sauce for some mild salsa. I also didn't use as much of the chicken broth as it calls for and grated fresh parmesan cheese instead of cheddar cheese. So, yea I didn't really stick to the recipe exactly, but they turned out SO good!! 

3. We have booked our anniversary/my birthday trip in November to.... CHARLESTON! I am SO excited because I've wanted to visit Charleston for a long time now! There are so many bloggers that rave about the city! Of course, I've been pinning all the Charleston travel guides, but if you've been or live there, please leave comments with your suggestions on places to eat/visit/etc. I can not wait!

4. We are going to visit a local fire station with Camden tonight! It's kind of a long story, but basically my grandma won a 'dinner for four with the fire fighters' at a charity event last month. She knew that Camden is OBSESSED with fire trucks, fire fighters, etc (hint hint on his Halloween costume this year), so she knew she had to bid on it! Well, she won the prize and offered it to us! We are meeting at the fire station tonight and they are going to give us a tour of the fire station and Camden will get to sit in a real fire truck! I don't know if he will be excited or nervous?! Wish us luck! Of course, I will post pictures!

5. Ok, now for the shopbop sale! I'm sure you've heard about it if you follow other bloggers. The deal is you get 20% off all orders under $500 with code EOTS17, or you get 25% off your order over $500 with the same code! Shopbop is a great site to order your higher end, what I like to call, 'investment' pieces. So, if you've held off on buying one of your fall wardrobe investment pieces, now is your chance! Another great thing about Shopbop, is that you can use your Amazon Prime account to get free 2 day shipping! The sale ends tonight at midnight, so shop today!

Here are my picks from the sale:

Happy Shopping and TGIF!


  1. What a fun dinner idea! Have fun at the fire station! Jess at Just Jess

  2. YAY for Charleston! You will have the best time!! You also make me so excited to diet again and now I really need to get a Poshmark closet going! Happy weekend mama!

  3. That looks good.


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