Rainy or Cold day Activities for Toddlers in Columbus, OH

This post has been on my to do list for a while now. Yes, the weather seems to be in our favor this week, but soon this Ohio fall/winter will show up and we will no longer be able to play outside or head to the park when the toddlers become restless. I started this list in my phone a while ago as a back up for rainy days when I'm home with the boys. I'm sure once winter rolls around I will be referencing this list a lot! I may even write all of these out on little sheets of paper, put them in a hat and pull one out for our activity for the day when I'm home with both of them on Tuesdays!

Below is my current list of favorites, plus a whole slew that are on my to-do list. I'm hoping to hit all of them by the end of winter! 

1. Mall Play Areas (Tuttle Mall, The Shops at Worthington Place, Polaris Fashion Place) - We've been to the play area at Tuttle Mall several times now and have also been to the one at the Shops at Worthington Place. The Tuttle Mall play area was recently renovated and it such a great play spot for not only toddlers, but crawlers as well. The whole area is carpeted and there are various play stations based on age range and interest. Of course, shopping with 2 toddlers is near impossible, but if I have a quick return or just need to get them out of the house and burn some energy, this is one of our favorites. And bonus...it's FREE!

2. Sunny Street Cafe 'Mommy and Me' Breakfast Tuesdays @ the Polaris location: We attended a 'Mommy and Me' Breakfast at Sunny Street a few weeks ago and Camden had a blast! The Mommy and Me time is 8am - 10am every Tuesday at the new Polaris location. Pancakes for the kiddos to decorate with their favorite toppings are $1 (and are dino shaped!) and there is a new theme every week and this week's theme was tie dye! The kids got to tie dye their own t shirts. Definitely something different and a fun experience for the little ones. AND they are now serving pumpkin pancakes!!! #winwin

3. Get Air Columbus / Tree of Life Play Cafe - We have been to the Tree of Life Play Cafe a handful of times and both boys always have a blast! The food isn't bad either! We love their pizza and the boys love the pretzel and cheddar bosco sticks. Admission to play in the play area is $7 per child or you can pay $10 for playtime and includes a kids meal.

Right next door to the Tree of Life Play + Cafe is Get Air Columbus which is basically a huge gym filled with trampolines! For little ones under 46", it's $9 for one hour of jumping (which is plenty!) and you do have to buy their jump socks which are $3 per pair. Every Wednesday and Thursday they have toddler jump time from 10am to 11am for $10, plus you get a day of admission to the Play + Cafe next door. We went to toddler time a few weeks ago and both Camden and Bennett had a BLAST! AND, they both took 3 hour naps when we got home! #praisehands

Here are some indoor activity places/ideas that are on our to do list for this coming fall/winter:

Story time (local libraries) - We have yet to attend any type of story time mostly because I'm afraid neither boys will sit still for an entire story, but it's worth a shot! Also, I've heard that the Worthington libraries have great kids areas, so worth a trip!

Also, the Chick-fil-A on Sawmill Rd hosts a kids story time the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month from 9:30 - 10:15am! Plus they have a kids play area and delicious food!

Music classes - I think both boys would really enjoy music classes! Camden went when he was Bennett's age and he loved it! Tree of Life Play + Cafe is actually hosting a toddler music class next month that we may check out. (More details here)

Open gym time - The Dublin Rec center offers preschool open gym every Monday and Friday from 9 - 11am. Ages are 6 months to 6 years old. This would be a great way to have the boys burn off some energy before nap time!

COSI (Center of Science and Industry) - I've been saving this one for the winter and for when the boys are on the same schedule (which they just about are now). I figured if I'm going to pay the admission fee to get in (which would be $35 for the 3 of us, yikes! Luckily, Bennett is still free!), we will definitely be spending a good amount of time there! But, the kids space looks like so much fun and something that Camden and Bennett would really enjoy!

Franklin park conservatory - My parents actually have taken the boys to Franklin Park Conservatory on a day they were watching them while I was working. They said that both boys had a great time looking at the butterfly exhibit (which is over now, but they have on going exhibits).

Recreations Outlet - I've heard great things about their indoor playland. They offer charitable play hours every week for $2 per child and 50% of their earnings go to a monthly charity. September's charity is the Haunnah Meyer Memorial Fund. The charitable play times are Tues, Wed and Thurs, 9am - 11am.

What Should We Do Today Columbus also has a great list of FREE indoor play areas surrounding Columbus HERE
Columbus moms, what indoor activity/play areas have you been to that are not on my list?



  1. my boys love the story at the northwest library on hard road! The women is awesome that leads it!!!

  2. Have you been to Coffee Connections in Old Hilliard yet? We go at least once every few weeks. They have a great play area upstairs in their back building and it's free! Mommy gets a yummy coffee while toddler plays. Wednesday mornings they also do a puppet show for the kids that's pretty cute.


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