Wedding Wednesday // The Details (part 1)

This has got to be my favorite part about weddings (well, besides all the mushy, romantic, best day of my life, marrying the man of my dreams stuff)... 

I love when weddings have personalized details throughout that really captures the couples' personality. There are so many details from my wedding I want to share that I had to break it up into 2 posts :) 

The Invites

I had come up with the design concept and purchased the font "Carolina Pro Black" knowing I would use it through out the wedding for consistency. Peabody Papers in Grandview brought my invite concept to life! The return envelopes were a shimmery gold (although they look yellow in the above photo) and I personally lined every envelope with the black and white striped paper to add a little pizazz. Read more about the creation of our invites here

We included a graphic map of the venue, church and hotel to provide guests with directions. I also special ordered the cocktail napkins with the social media icons from to be used at cocktail hour and the reception.

The Flowers

My bridal bouquet was made up of all ivory flowers: roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, carnations and seeded eucalyptus. I carried my late grandfather's wedding ring on my bouquet as my something old (cue the tissues!).

The bridesmaid bouquets were made up of dark magic roses, pink carnations, pink ranunculus and seeded eucalyptus. They each had the same black and white striped ribbon at the base and I added the gold sequin ribbon to the bridesmaid bouquets. 

After Ceremony Noise Makers

Another fun detail I worked on were these gold noise makers for guests to blow after the ceremony when we exited the church. I added a little note on each reading "Make some noise! Lindsay & Bill are hitched!"

That's all for this week's WW post. Stay tuned next week for more details from the reception!

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I'm lining up with Belle in Boots and Love Always, Nancy J for Wedding Wednesday!


  1. I absolutely love everything about your invites! The yellow envelopes with the striped lined paper... Amazing! The napkins are also super cute - I have a friend getting married that was looking to do something like this so I'll have to send her over! :)

  2. Your details were great and I love the way you included the hash-tag on the napkins - wish we would have done one for our wedding lol! Your invites were beautiful! And I totally agree it's all in the details!

  3. Absolutely love these details! I'm in the midst of wedding details right now!

    I'm loving that you used your grandfather's ring in your bouquet. So sentimental. I'm getting married on my late grandfather's birthday and you just gave me an awesome idea - now let's just hope he wasn't buried with it. Haha.

  4. Lovely floral designing


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