12 Days of Christmas Crafts // #8 DIY Glitter Dot Wrapping Paper

Another fun and easy DIY with my new favorite crafting supply...GLITTER!
Well, I actually have a love hate relationship with glitter right now...I forgot how it gets everywhere, even when you are trying to be extra careful. But, it's so worth it to bask in the glory of sparkle after completing a DIY craft!
This one I saw on Pinterest {here} and thought it would be easy enough for this novice crafter to take a crack at. Plus it goes along with my glitter and gold theme for Christmas this year!
Here's what you need...
Here are the steps...
You can measure out the circles in a pattern formation or just eyeball it. I used the 1 inch sponge brush to make circles with the glue. Then, sprinkle the glitter over the circles and lift up the paper to remove the extra glitter. Let the paper dry for a few hours.
The final product...
What do you think? Looks pretty under the tree, right?!
I'm linking up with Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it!
Happy Crafting!


  1. So so so cute. Glitter...sigh...my husband hates it. Your present looks adorable wrapped up all like that!!

    thanks for linking up with us!

  2. Very cute! This would also work really well with regular brown grocery bags as wrapping paper and maybe a slightly darker glitter. :)

  3. I love how simple and elegant this is! So perfect for this holiday season packaging! :)
    xo TJ

  4. So cutttte! The hubs just LOVES when I do glitter projects...not! What a fun way to jazz up gifts though!

  5. Any project with glitter is a favorite of mine. This one is really cute and I like being able to make my own wraping paper..with glitter

  6. Love it! I totally agree about glitter- I love to use it but it gets everywhere and is impossible to clean up! You will be finding glitter for months

  7. SHUT UP! That is SO cute!!! I have white paper at home now and I NEED to do this!!

    Thank you for linking up with Katie and I!

  8. So stinking cute {and easy, which makes it twice as nice!}. Love this ideas as usual!



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