Gifts for him...$50 or less!

Well, I'm about to jump on the Gift Guide band wagon here! I am usually pretty good at finding gifts for like minded ladies like myself, but it's the fellas that I always struggle with!
I did some on-line research and found a few items {all $50 or less} for those hard to buy for guys in your life!
1 // The Funny Guy:: {this} "Stay Classy" iphone case is perfect for that guy that loves to laugh - $35
2 // The Bar10der/Entertainer:: {this} all in one bar tending tool is perfect for the guy that loves to entertain - $50
3 // The Gentleman:: {this} set of monogrammed hankies is the perfect gift for the guy that is all class all the time - $22
4 // The History Buff:: {this} set of table topics is perfect for the hero loving history buff - $25
5 // The Whiskey Drinker:: {this} set of whiskey stones has been very popular among the Guy Gift Guides this season and for good reason! - $20
More Gifting Guides to come as I gather my last minute shopping ideas!
Stay tuned tomorrow for more Christmas Crafts with Glitter!

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