Maternity Photos + Baby Name Announcement!

I decided that I wanted to take a few maternity photos to document this happy time in my pregnancy. I had a vision for what I wanted and purchased the ivory lace dress from Pink Blush Maternity and also ordered the blue tassel balloon from StudioMucci to symbolize our little boy!

I had my friend take the photos on my Nikon D5200. She has the same camera and knew how to use it. I did all the editing of the photos. We took the photos around sunset, but I think if we would have waited a little longer, the lighting would have been better. However, I'm pretty impressed by our armature skills! 

Here are a few of my faves:

And now.... Drum Roll Please...

The name of #rumplebaby2014 is...


We are so excited to announce the name, finally!

It was a name that I came across on my family tree given to me by my Grandmother. Her grandpa's name was Camden and ever since we both heard it, back before we even knew we were having a boy, we both loved it. There were a lot of other options thrown out there, but none of them really stuck like Camden did. Plus, we both loved the nickname Cam. The middle name, William, is after Bill. 

Since we landed on the name, we decided to keep it to ourselves for a while just to make sure it felt right. Of course, along the way I had heard of a few more Camdens being named like one of my favorite blogger friends, Katie, and also my friend's nephew. This kinda took the wind out of our sails for a few days. We threw around a few other names, but they just didn't feel right. So, we decided not to let that change our minds.

Naming your first child has got to be one of the hardest decisions in life! My best advice is to make it a decission between you and your partner. Don't let outside influences make up your mind. If it feels right, then it is!

We can't wait to meet you Camden!!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures and I love the name Camden :) naming your children is hard! It doesn't get easier the second time around either lol, but it's fun and so special and I totally agree to make the decision between you and your partner!

  2. These are stunning pictures and absolutely love the name you guys picked out!! I love the one that you have where you're both holding the little shoes - eeek!!!

  3. Love your pictures!! They're great!! & love his name too! So sweet!!

  4. Stopping by from the link up! Pretty pics and I love family names!

  5. Youn look beautiful and you are totally spot on with your advice, stick with your gut!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS! I love the name and that little onesie is so cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. Love that name so much, its one of my favorites, even though its not going to be the name for our little boy. i would have loved to if our last name didnt start with Cam. LOL! Great pics!

  8. Love the photos and absolutely adore the name!!! Can't wait to meet Camden!!

  9. Gorgeous photos and I LOVE the name!! It's unique without being too trendy and it's great that it's a family name. Don't worry Camden isn't on my list- my sister already called it for when she has kids :)

  10. Gorgeous photos!! I'm so impressed that you {basically} did it all yourself! The props were all perfect and I loved your dress. The name is perfect!! I love Camden and William is a big family name in my family and my new nephews name so of course I'm obsessed!!

  11. L-O-V-E the name!!! And seriously, could you be any cuter?!? These are adorable!


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