Abercrombie Sale!

Remember Abercrombie? Yea, well they are making a come back! I found myself checking out their website after I saw Lauren McBride post about this cold shoulder sweatshirt and they have some really great stuff on sale right now!

Through the end of today you can get 40% off clearance items with $5 shipping on all orders (with code: 15851)! Here are a few items in my cart including the aforementioned cold shoulder top (which is currently on sale for $26.40!).

This Rib Mix Cardigan - clearance + sale price = $28.08! 

Asymmetric-Snap Hoodie - clearance + sale price = $20.40!

Twill Jacket - clearance + sale price = $29.40!

I love this off the shoulder top for spring! clearance + sale price = $16.32!

Have you shopped at Abercrombie recently?


  1. Oh My GOSH!!!! Look at Abercrombie making a come back!!! Super excited to check it out! Thanks so much for sharing!!!!!

  2. I have a post just like this for next week!! Abercrombie is totally making a comeback! These sale prices are amazing!

  3. I rediscovered Abercrombie and love it! I stayed away for so long, but their stuff is SO cute! I'm a little behind, so big congrats on the move!!!


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