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Life Lately + Random #Momlife Ramblings

We are on week 2 of staying with my parents before we close on our new home in Columbus mid March. We are somewhat on a regular routine now, except Bennett has been waking up in the middle of the night whining and rolling around. Most likely cause is teething. Oh teething... How I loathe you! I remember this phase with Camden and he did the same thing. 

It's also been difficult to sleep because I'm currently sleeping in the same room as Bennett and he is somewhat of a noisy sleeper. Typically, I would just keep the monitor on by my beside at our house and wouldn't hear every little movement or whimper, but he is literally right at the end of my bed. Unfortunately, I'm a pretty light sleeper naturally so I'm up a lot with him. But, once I'm up and had my coffee in the morning, I'm ready to go! Thank goodness for coffee!!

Other than that, my parents have been so great about trying to make us feel comfortable. And my mom has been helping out so much with the boys! I'm going to miss the live in child care when we have to leave! 😭

Camden has been saying 'I wanna go home' every now and then which breaks my heart a little. Other than that, he's been sleeping great and we've kept his normal routine. We took him to Chuck E. Cheese this past weekend which was an experience... I'm glad we can check that milestone off our list! It was just really loud and so crowded with people. The games were a bit too old for him, but there was a little toddler/baby area with little rides and a slide that he loved. He also was so infatuated with Chuck E. Cheese the mouse when he would come out from behind the curtain and talk and sing! 

I also took Camden with me to a playdate with some of my college friends over the weekend. I am so happy to be back in my home town with friends that also have kids around Camden and Bennett's age. It was so fun to see the kids play together and it was so nice to have girl time and catch up with everyone. I definitely think it is so important to have that circle of friends, especially when you are a mom, just to vent/chat/relate with! I don't know what I would do without them!

Well, that's all the random #Momlife ramblings I have for now!

Hope you all have a great Monday!


  1. Yay for B's first tooth!! We have been going through some sleep issues the past few days, too and I just heard about an 8 month sleep regression?! Tell me this isn't true (or doesn't last long)?!

  2. I'm with you on the Chuck E Cheese thing. We were invited to a birthday party there a few weeks ago for one of my 4 year old's friends. My 2 year old got to tag a long and he is obsessed with the mouse. He tells everyone that he sees "Mouse gave me high five" Haha

  3. Teething sucks so hard! Hope it passes quickly!

  4. That sleeping situation can be so hard, but hopefully he's through the teething fast! How cute is his little tooth!!

  5. Oh the teething! My 18 month old is right in the midst of finishing up teething, AND she's a noisy sleeper - so I can totally relate. I was so happy and ready for more restful sleep when I got her settled in her own room. ;)


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