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Family Strolls

One thing I've missed over the past few bitterly cold months is our family walks around the neighborhood in the evenings. After Bennett was born in late June, we started taking family walks together pretty much every evening after dinner and before the bedtime routine started. It was the perfect time of night right before sunset and right around the 'witching hour' for Bennett. Our little walks around the block would instantly calm him down during his fussy newborn phase (you would seriously never know he was ever a fussy baby now!).

We would load up the stroller, get our dog Charlie on a leash and head out. Well, fast forward about 6 months and now Camden is at the age where he will only sit still in a stroller for a short time. He wants to get out and walk with us like a big boy! Enter the Evenflo Sibby travel system...

When Evenflo contacted me for this sponsorship, I was excited because I have always loved their products and was familiar with the brand. I was even more excited when they told me they would like me to try out their Sibby stroller travel system!

This travel system is perfect for the ages of our boys (Camden 2,  Bennett 7 months). The stroller comes with a removable board on the back so Camden can stand and hold on while I push the stroller.  So, if he gets tired of walking he can just glide along with us!

I love that it comes with an infant carrier (and base!) that clicks into the stroller so we can use it now while Bennett is still too small for the main stroller seat. I also love that it has a canopy on the car seat and on the stroller, so when Bennett is riding in it I can completely shade him from the sun. 

The color is just the perfect shade of grey (mine is Mineral Grey, but it comes in 3 other colors) and I love that there is enough storage space underneath to store the diaper bag, blankets, or anything else I want to take with us. The stroller also folds flat which makes it easy to put in the trunk to take with us on trips, to the mall, etc.

I'm looking forward to using our Sibby stroller and continuing our tradition of family walks this spring and summer! 

Thank you to Evenflo for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.


  1. We had the same evening tradition in the summer! This stroller looks amazing - I love the little riding board for the older babe.

  2. That would be a perfect stroller for me come this fall!

  3. this looks like such a great stroller! i bet camden loves riding on the back. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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