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An OOTD + Life Lately (aka a BIG Announcement!)

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First of all... NO, I'm NOT pregnant (phew)! But, life has been a bit hectic around these parts the past few months. We've been traveling back and forth from Columbus (Ohio) and staying with both of our parents while we are there. There are a few reasons why we've been going so much. First, because Bill has been interviewing for a new position in Columbus (which he got! yay!) AND we've been house hunting! So, we've decided to make the move back to Columbus!!

We started talking about moving back a few months after Bennett was born. It was definitely challenging being away from family (and friends) after Bennett arrived. We quickly realized how important it is to have family help with 2 little ones and we also knew it would be best for our family to have the boys grow up being close to their grandparents and cousins that live in Ohio. 

SO, we made the decision to list our house in IL for sale over Christmas break and we got an offer that week! Luckily we settled on a longer close (we close end of Feb) so we could have time to look for a new house in Columbus. 

This week we are packing up pretty much our whole house except the necessities because we are heading to stay with my parents in Columbus until we move into our new home! The time frame will probably be 3-4 weeks staying with them. We are finalizing the contract with a new home in Columbus (fingers crossed financing and inspection go smoothly!). 

SO, I want to apologize ahead of time if I'm a little absent on the blog and social media for the next few weeks as we settle into our new life in Columbus. I do have a really fun post scheduled for tomorrow about an awesome stroller for siblings! 

Besides all that craziness, we really enjoyed being with the grandparents over the weekend. AND we loved the taste of spring weather! Camden loved being outside!

Please say a little prayer for us that this transition is a smooth one. I know it will be the hardest on Camden. He is at the age where he realizes there is a big change happening. I'm trying my best to keep his little world consistent by keeping his daily routine intact. We will be setting up both of their cribs at my parents house so that they can sleep in their own beds during the transition period. I think that will help tremendously.

If any of you have experienced moving with little ones, please let me know if you have any advise!


  1. I've been waiting to hear the official announcement - SO many congrats being sent your way! I know how nice it is to feel like you're going home and what a blessing to sell your house here in IL so fast!

    Only advice I can tell you about the move with babies is be easy on yourself. You won't be your best mom, they'll be out of routine, watching too much tv and eating too much junk, but it's short term and you'll all get to the other side.

  2. YEAH!! Congrats to Bill! Columbus is happy to have you and your family back!!!! :)

  3. Congrats to you! What an exciting and hectic time, I'm sure!

  4. Congrats! We recently moved and we sold our old house at the end of July but our new house wasn't' ready until end of Sept so for 2 months we lived with my parents. My kids are 4 and 2 (Jax was 20 months old when all of this happened) For the most part it went smooth for the kids. I think I had the hardest time adjusting. The one thing I did that I thought was most important was kept with sleep schedules. I feel like as long as the babies can get their rest then everything else will fall into place because kids are so resilient. Good luck!

  5. Ahhh so exciting!!! I guess we won't be getting together one of these days in Chicago, haha! It will be so amazing to be back around your family though, I can only imagine! Hope everything goes smoothly!

  6. Congrats on your big news!!! I totally agree that it's tough to be away from family with kids! it'll be so nice for them to be closer to their grandparents! good luck with everything! xo jillian - cornflake dreams


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